KCOM provides comprehensive waste management services, specializing in characterizing, packaging, transporting, and disposing/recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous and non-regulated wastes.  We are dedicated to preserving the environment and avoiding the inherent long-term liability of landfill disposal.  As such, we promote and emphasize recycling and waste-to-energy. We assist with profiling, perform feasibility studies and provide regulatory compliance controls. 

KCOM understands that the process of locating suitable disposal facilities, scheduling transportation, profiling samples and preparing manifests and labels is tremendously time-consuming.  Our goal is to work through these issues to ensure your liabilities are minimized and employees and contractors work in a safe environment.


  • Manifests, labels and document preparation ensures accuracy
  • Minimizing your paper errors gives management  time it can bank on
  • Market segments work together to maximize your total package savings
  • Strategic WIXEL tracking system provides historical monitoring
  • KCOM staff on-site during project provides continuity and peace of mind
  • Single point contact with direct line to management offers optimum communication