Northwestern University Welsh-Ryan Arena Demolition, Evanston, IL

KCOM performed the interior selective and selective structural demolition of the basketball stadium known as Welsh-Ryan Arena. With the goal to maintain the historic aspect of this portion of the campus, NU decided to keep the exterior look of the building and removing all interior finishes so that a new state of the art facility could be reconstructed in the old building shell. A key success factor in KCOM selection as the demolition contractor was the plan presented to coordinate all the site activities with all stakeholders.

KCOM  coordinated all the utility disconnects of the facility with the NU Engineering Department and local utilities, demolished certain exterior precast panels, the entire roof, exclusive of steel members, all interior structural concrete bleachers, all interior build out including all mechanical, electrical and plumbing features, leaving only slab on grade and the existing structural steel framework of the building. KCOM obtained all local permits and managed the asbestos abatement subcontractor. KCOM removed, packaged and properly disposed of all the Universal Waste.

A critical element of the project was to coordinate the removal of construction and demolition debris, recycling materials including concrete and metals, and waste materials from the site and safely through the campus and Evanston community. Additionally, KCOM managed the removal and property disposal of hazardous mercury containing materials found in the building materials. These materials were successfully segregated from the construction debris and recyclable concrete for secure disposal at U.S. Ecology’s facility near Detroit, Michigan.

The entire project was completed without an OHSA Recordable incident, and the entire KCOM crew participated with client in the National Safety Stand Down day for safety awareness on May 4 2017.