Cook County Jail, Chicago, IL  

The project was spread out over four floors of the Building F structure including the basement. Initial engineering survey was conducted by KCOM to ensure structural integrity of the buildings. KCOM also provided temporary lighting and fresh air supply throughout the project. As this was an active campus while the work was being performed, KCOM coordinated all the site activities with Pepper, the University and local Palatine stakeholders.

The initial phase included coordinating the disconnection of utilities with the University and utility companies. KCOM removed all the Universal waste including Freon and hydraulic fluids from the elevators and shipped to the appropriate disposal facility.

The majority of the project was the removal of the interior features of the building including all architectural finishes, and all mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. Also, select structural elements were also removed. KCOM provided shoring and bracing support of portions of roof elements while they were being removed. All materials were managed in segregated stockpiles for shipment to the appropriate recycling or disposal facility. Debris shuts and water misting equipment were utilized to mitigate dust formation and impacts to the campus community.