Decommissioning of Power Plant

KCOM completed the decommissioning of the Blackhawk Power Station in Beloit, WI which is owned by Alliant. The plant has been closed and the interior of the facility has been demolished and emptied. Alliant is donating/selling the shell of this 80’ tall building to Beloit University who is going to use building for an indoor swimming pool and other student activities. KCOM has been contracted to power wash off all interior walls, ceiling, remaining steel beams, floors, and old coal chutes in the building to remove coal dust and dust generated by the demolition.

KCOM will be installing propane powered furnaces in the building to raise the temperature in the building to approximately 50-55 degrees. Once the interior of the building is warm enough, KCOM will begin washing down the ceiling of the building utilizing power washers while utilizing 86’ man lifts to access the area.   After the ceiling is washed down KCOM will continue working our way down the walls of the building utilizing bot the 86’ man lifts along with 45’ man lifts. The interior walls are brick so KCOM personnel will have to careful not to get to close to the walls in order to prevent damaging the old brick and mortar.

Once the walls have been cleaned KCOM will pressure wash the concrete floors of the building. Water generated during the cleaning activities will be collected into sumps in the floor and transferred into a frac tank. This waste water will be sampled and analyzed to ensure it meets local requirements for disposal in with the local POTW or a commercial disposal facility off site. Solid material that is recovered will also be sampled and analyzed to ensure it can be disposed of at a local Class C landfill.